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By the hiring of a sailboat you can develop your holidays effectively by avoiding the torments and the expenses of the boats of line and the hotels.
The inaccessible points are accessible for you.
Live the pleasures of the sea without any limits.

You can charter by your own or with a skipper of large experiment that we can provide you.
Our goal is to offer and facilitate you enjoyable holidays, if you wish it, and at the same time we can collaborate for the best organization of your voyage while proposing splendid destinations to you.

We are present to share with you our experience in the magic world of the sea.
A world which you will never forget.
Extraordinary holidays in sailboat.
A unique experience.

Make a splendit gift to yourselves. Holidays into full sea. Holidays less expensive than with the hotels since the ship can accomodate comfortably and luxuriously up to 10 people.

Delight by the single beaches that you aves never seen and you can visit only in the ship.

For the family, the band, the buddies. Do you feel like it? we have the best solution to enjoy the sun and the sea by gazining into the deep blue.

Feel the pleasures of the most beautiful seas in the world with a modern sailboat and create memories for life.

EMBARGING: Saturday afternoon        DISEMBARGING: Saturday morning 10.00

Your reservation will be fixed by the signing of a contract and a deposit of an advance.

contact for prices

Food list available after confirmation at least 2 weeks before the departure of the ship.